Our Mission

Our mission is to keep patients and families informed regarding their healthcare using a personalized approach that fosters relationships, communication, and empathy.

Our Values

Healthcare is burdened by disparate, complex legacy systems that take years to optimize. Providers and patients demand a new experience that removes complexity, reflecting their modern day experiences with technology. At CareLoop we bring back this simplicity, starting with the patient.
Patients & Families
CareLoop focuses on how patients connect with their caregivers. Through an efficient and understandable experience, CareLoop allows patients and families the ability to build personal relationships with their doctors rooted in communication and empathy.
Healthcare Organizations
With the shift to value based payments and incentives, healthcare organizations require strategies to meet key metrics for reimbursement. CareLoop helps organizations maximize their reimbursement by meeting key metrics mandated by CMS for patient experience and, saves providers time.
“When teams are able to connect and coordinate and make successful connections with patients and one another, the results of care, their survival, level of suffering and cost are all phenomenally better.”

Atul Gawande, Healthcare Thought Leader

Our Team

Carla Gallegos


Foster Goss

CMO, Founder

Andrew Strom

CSO, Co-Founder

Sean Switzer

VP Partner Success

Daniel Cohn

Principal Developer, Co-Founder
Our Story
Boulder, Colorado has a reputation for innovation, creativity, and next generation technology. So, it’s no surprise that’s where Dr. Foster Goss reconnected with high school friend Andrew Strom. Together, they began an important collaboration to create a new tool to empower patients as they navigate the healthcare system.
After completing fellowships in Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Decision Making at Harvard Medical School and Tufts, Dr. Goss’s career took him west to practice medicine in Colorado. There, he found Strom busy executing design and technology solutions for some of the world’s most successful brands and organizations. They started a dialogue about how they could use their different backgrounds, knowledge, and expertise to improve patient relationships with both providers and healthcare organizations. After adding engineer, fellow outdoor enthusiast, and startup veteran Daniel Cohn to the team, these three dedicated professionals have worked hard to develop a secure cloud-based platform, which reinvents the patient experience.