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Who can use CareLoop?

CareLoop can be used by both patients and providers.  Patients can use CareLoop to establish a connection with their team of doctors, allowing one place for them to receive updates from their providers. For providers, CareLoop can be used by a small team of providers or an entire hospital network.  Examples are shown below.

  • Hospitals (Adult and Children’s)
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Concierge practices
  • Surgical centers
  • EHR vendors
How secure is CareLoop?

CareLoop takes security very seriously and for this reason, and are committed to HIPAA compliance, to ensure the entire application and its data are encrypted. In addition to hosting the entire application on secure servers, CareLoop takes a second step to not store any information locally on the users device. If a provider loses their device, no PHI will be accessible. CareLoop is also protected using a four digit PIN that the user creates in addition to their log in credentials. Lastly, any device can be remotely wiped to ensure no information from the device is accessible. Our platform has been penetration tested and has detailed auditing and intrusion detection systems in place.

How can my family use CareLoop to stay in touch with my care?

The patient can invite a family member or healthcare proxy to their feed. Patients can have up to two healthcare proxy’s (e.g. parents of child). The proxy will be able to communicate with the provider. Others can be invited to the feed but will not be able to communicate with the patient’s providers but can receive updates from other family members on behalf of the patient. This allows the family to be in the loop about the care of the patient.