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How it works

CareLoop brings a person’s relevant health data in context with care communication.

Diverse clinical care and research teams can easily build and deploy communication pathways – creating touchpoints for delivering better experience, outcomes, and reimbursement based on value.

Here’s how we do it…


Here’s how we do it…


Our platform supports communication and collaboration for individuals, family caregivers, and care and research teams within and across settings. CareLoop supports real-time communication leveraging personalized EHR data across any channel — including text, images, attachments, pathways, and video chat.


CareLoop’s Evidence-Based Care Communication Pathways trigger notifications and guide feedback to the patient to ensure safe care transitions and discharge. Positive responses trigger alerts and touchpoints — easily flagged and pushed to the EHR inbox with critical information to support the care team, case management, care coordinator, navigation/virtual care centers action.


Admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) feeds + ICD-10 codes automatically trigger specific Safe Discharge or Care Transition Pathways, offering peace of mind for patients, families and clinical care team members alike. With easy and light touch onboarding options, pathways are built on critical timelines with specific touchpoints for symptom checking and care plan adherence, to prevent emergency and hospital bounce backs and readmissions. Family members are sent real-time Clinical Summaries any time patient health data, treatment plans or results change.


Perception and satisfaction surveys are delivered through a push message to patients, family members or proxies. Surveys are easily customizable and automated to improve the process and response rates.


Strengthen and personalize your messages with individuals and families by delivering these through your own brand and health information in context. Real-time CareLoop conversation sits alongside after visit and clinical summaries, and other meaningful EHR data keeping the individual, care team and families in the same yet portable communication channel.


Our elastic platform is built on Amazon Web Services, is HIPAA compliant and secure, and tested by 3rd parties.

Seamless Connection

CareLoop is lightweight and can easily connect to your other technologies with a light-lift. As an EMR-agnostic plugin, these API integrations allow for communication between disparate systems and providers.

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