Family Chat Overview - Mobile

"Family Chat" - A separate communication feed designated for the patient and the family and friends they’ve invited to Careloop.

When in the main feed, it is important to remember that all communications posted will be seen by everyone included in the patients Careloop feed. To have a private conversation seen only by the patient and their invited friends and family, go to 'Family Chat'.

  1. Click the patient's name at the top right, click toggle the ‘Family Chat’ icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

2. When in family chat mode, the theme color shifts from blue to orange, indicating communications posted here will only be seen by the patient and their invited family & caregivers.

3. To compose a message, click on the 'pencil' icon found on the bottom of the feed. 

4. If a you wish to comment on a message, simply click on the reply icon to post a comment or response.

5. To return to the main feed click the 'Family Chat' toggle button.

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