How to add family and loved ones

Keep your family and loved ones updated on your care and treatment plan in real time.

  1. Click on your name then the ‘Family & Friends’ icon found on the pop up screen.

2. There are two ways to invite a family member or friend to your feed; if they are with you they can scan your unique QR code, or if they are in another location, you can invite them with an email.

3. Have the person you'd like to invite download the CareLoop application from the iTunes or Google Play store and  'Create New Account'.

4. They can click on Family and Friends in their CareLoop app and hit Scan to scan the code that has just been revealed.

When adding family and friends, you can also identify up to two ‘Healthcare Proxies’. A ‘Healthcare Proxy’ is one who can communicate within your care feed. All others will receive real time updates and can view messages, but can only communicate in the ‘Family Mode’ feed.

Here, you can send an invite to family and friends by entering their email address and hitting ‘Submit’. This will send an invitation to their email inbox for them to complete and allow them to register and be added to your CareLoop feed.  

NOTE: To protect your personal health information, you will also need to share the ‘Secret Code’ with those you have invited to your feed. During the registration process, your family and friends will be asked for this code in order to gain access to your feed.

6. Once added to your feed, family and friends will appear in a list on the left hand rail.

7.  If you wish for someone you invited to no longer have access to your feed, simply click on their name and uncheck the box next to ‘This friend or family member can view my feed’. And click ‘Submit’.

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