How to compose a message

How to compose a message within the patient feed with the tools available within the CareLoop messaging platform.

Compose message

1. To begin, click on ‘Compose Message’ found at the top of the feed.  

2. Prior to composing your message click the 'Category’ drop-down menu and select the appropriate category or tag associated with the message you about to compose.

The category or tag that you choose will allow messages to be filtered and easily identified within the feed as shown below.

Direct your message

If you want to direct your message to a specific person or group of individuals, you can 'Choose' recipients and then select the  person or individuals you would like to send your message too. Only those you have chosen will see the message.

Mention a specific person in a message

If you wish to mention or call specific attention to a person in a message, select the ‘@’ symbol located within the toolbar to send to a specific individual.   

NOTE: All members included in the feed will see the message if 'Everyone' is selected.  For a direct message to only one person, see below for an overview of how to send a 'Direct Message' to specific recipients.

Individuals mentioned are highlighted in blue after the message as been posted. Recipients and read receipts will be also be shown.

Include an Attachment

Next to the '@' icon there is also a 'paperclip' attachment icon which will allow you to add an attachment or include a photo in your message. 

Edit a message 

You do have the ability to edit the message if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ found here. Here you can update the message, the associated tag, add an attachment, etc.

Delete a message

If you wish to completely remove a message from a patient’s feed, click on the ‘Delete’ icon found in the lower left hand corner.

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