How to manage patients

How to manage your patient list.

To add a patient to your list, click on ‘My Patients’ found on the left hand rail of your screen.

Here you will find two columns. The first is a list of patients already added to your patient list. 

To add another patient to your list, click on the ‘Add Patient’ column to find a list of the most recently registered patients for your organization. Click on the patient name and confirm you wish to add them. You will be taken directly to that patient’s CareLoop feed. 

NOTE: You can search for a patient's name using the ‘Search’ functionality located on the top of the page.

If a patient is not yet registered and part of your organization, click on ‘Add A Patient’ found at the bottom of the patient list.

Complete the patient form and click submit which will send an invite to the patient which contains the patient’s username and temporary password to register for CareLoop.

Once the invite has been sent, the patient’s name will now be found under the ‘Add Patient’ list. Confirm you wish to add this patient to your list and hit submit to view the patient feed.

If you wish to remove a patient from your patient list, click on the ‘X’ next to their name and confirm. This patient can always be added back to your list following the steps previously described if needed.

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