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Welcome to CareLoop

Whether you are a patient, a resident, or a family caregiver. CareLoop helps to keep you connected, informed and up to date.

The CareLoop platform puts patients, residents, care team members and the family at the center of care conversations. Your organization is inviting you to this platform to improve safety, experience and health outcomes.

Communication matters, and we know you and your loved one depend on it.


Getting Started

What is CareLoop?

CareLoop is a modern communication feed that connects patients and family members to their care team. With CareLoop you will receive clinical updates, broadcast messages, and messages from the care team on your loved one. These messages will be pushed directly to your phone or accessible online.

Why should I use CareLoop?

CareLoop increases communication and ensures you always have access to the most up to date care information.

How much does CareLoop cost?

CareLoop is free for patients and their families.

Where can CareLoop be accessed?

CareLoop is an application that can also be accessed through any internet browser or through your mobile device.

Who can I invite to CareLoop?

The patient and their primary healthcare contact may invite other family members included in the contact list to the feed via email or unique QR code.  Instructions can be found in our Help Center.

How to log into CareLoop:

Once you have downloaded the CareLoop app, use the unique link provided in the invite to enroll. You will then be instructed to verify your email.

How to access your patient or resident’s feed:

Once logged in, click on the top left CareLoop logo to find those you’re connected to.

Need more Help?

Click here for our Help Center. If you need any further assistance contact us at:

In our app, help can be accessed in the sidebar: