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Improve Patient Experience

CareLoop creates a concierge experience for patients. As patients navigate the health system, our platform increases their touch points by opening new lines of communication. Patients receive real-time updates about their care, and can invite family members and healthcare proxies to join the conversation. Research shows better patient experience improves clinical outcomes, reduces readmissions, and mitigates risk exposure and claims.

CareLoop Patient Survey Results

Satisfaction with doctor & nurse responsiveness
Enjoyment in receiving CareLoop updates
Ease of use compared to patient portals

Reduce Care Team Burnout

At CareLoop, we believe an exceptional patient experience cannot be achieved without careful consideration of the clinician experience. Our platform streamlines clinical workflows and embeds directly within Redox. By reducing clicks and automating touch points, CareLoop eliminates the redundancies, enabling efficient patient and care team communication.


Optimize Transitions In Care

Communication is essential to ensuring safe transitions in care. Poor communication with any member of the care team can result in adverse outcomes. To prevent this, CareLoop empowers patients with their health data and automates the follow-up process to clearly delineate next steps. We check in with patients at any interval after a discharge or transition in care with evidence-based communication pathways to assure they are getting better and following the care plan.

Follow-Ups & Check-Ins

Automate the communication and follow up process to ensure patients do not slip through the cracks.

Enhance Collaboration

Enhance communication and collaboration among multidisciplinary care teams to identify gaps in care, reduce risk and likelihood of readmission.



Of VBP Reimbursement Tied to Patient Satisfaction


Additional Reimbursement for TCM Over Traditional Office Visit


Of Orders & Referrals Leak Out of Network


Total Medicare Penalties for Readmissions (2017)


Reduction in Claims When Patient Experience is at 9/10
SOURCE: VBP | TCM | System Leakage | Readmissions | Risk

Capture Significant Revenue

By leveraging advanced value-based payment (VBP) models and transitions in care management (TCM), CareLoop captures revenue not yet realized by the health system. We work with your team and existing workflows to automate the follow-up process. In doing so, we ensure that patients get the care they need, reducing system leakage and avoiding costly penalties. Studies have also demonstrated that improving the patient experience significantly reduces claims against the health system.

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