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of patients want to improve their care

and are willing to share health information in order to make it happen

But it’s difficult to recall, receive, track, and share information between episodes of care and care transitions. Add trying to transfer this information between care team members, working within different systems, and family members who are spread across the country, it’s no wonder patient-and-family-centered care is a nice idea but hard to come by.

CareLoop connects the conversation in one place to help facilitate meaningful conversations and puts the person, or caregiver, in the drivers seat.


of info is retained from doctor to patient


reduction in hospital readmission with family & caregiver engagement

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Patient-Centered Care 



When you need to make a critical decision to inform your care treatment, the conversation and relevant information is at your fingertips

Familiar Format

Easy to use platform you’re more likely to engage with delivered in an everyday technology

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing you or your family member won’t slip through the cracks, knowing where to turn for your medical information, discharge, transition, and critical care directions…that your care will loop back to you and everyone caring for you

Help us change the way we deliver healthcare



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