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Communication matters.
Lives depend on it.

CareLoop is on a mission to reinvent how all of us experience care and communication. By putting the person in the center of their health communications, we create a single place for individuals, families, care teams and research teams to communicate at every point along the health journey. CareLoop easily and simply closes the gap in siloed care and coordination.


Reinvent the way you coordinate your care

Finally, be at the center of your care communication and with those that care about you and care for you.
Safe, portable and secure access to all of your health data to seamlessly share between health care teams and your loved ones.


  • Your ability to share and manage your health conversations and information
  • Peace of mind for you and your care teams through any care transition
  • Informed decisions regarding care, research and treatment options


Reinvent the way you send patients home

It’s time to transform the discharge process. There’s a better way to send patients onto the next step in their care journey with peace of mind through simple scalable technology.

With minimal technical lift and integration into your current workflow, we can streamline communications for your entire care team and bring your organization closer to your patients, their family, and caregivers.


  • Patient support through Safe Discharge and Safe Transition of Care using our Evidence Based Care Communication Pathways™
  • Unnecessary utilization and patient rebound
  • Appointment follow-up and medication adherence post-discharge
  • Care team focus on clinical care over manual tasks
  • Reimbursement opportunities and outcomes


Reinvent the way you keep everyone informed

Be more than all the amenities. Standout by offering a unique real-time concierge-level communication platform.

Tired of communicating the same thing to multiple people? It’s time to get everyone on the same page.

A better experience for everyone starts with unifying communication throughout the continuum of care. The CareLoop platform is centered around the person to bring family, caregivers, and providers together in a conversation.


  • Family member and caregiver involvement
  • Communications between providers and your facility staff throughout all levels of care
  • Satisfaction through automated surveys and forms

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